Boxes and Lines for Rods and Cones

Last week I started my second class in visual programming, Boxes and Lines for Rods and Cones. Rather than working in PureData, we’re concentrating on the Jitter library in Max/MSP. Since I bought Max6 prior to our trip to Austin, this was pretty convenient.

For my first assignment, I made a Jitter patch that changes videos if you yell loud enough.

It’s great stress relief.

Download Patch

zOrb as a Musical Instrument

With the end of my Dataflow Programming class looming a few days before South By Southwest, I decided to combine the two and make my final PureData project a musical performance piece.

The last time I performed with the zOrb, it was controlling video effects in Max/MSP. Yes, we had an audio component to go along with it, but the zOrb didn’t have much to do with the audio.

This time around, the zOrb triggers audio samples on each axis of the accelerometer and gyroscope:

Using the zOrb in PureData

This week in Intro to Dataflow Programming, we decided to interface the zOrb from last semester with PureData. We set up a simple video scrubbing patch and hooked up one of the zOrb’s controls to the time position of the video. Here’s what we got:

As you can see, it’s still a little unstable, but hopefully we can iron that out in the next few weeks.

Download the patch (and the video) here:

zOrb in PureData

PureData Sequencer

For this assignment in PureData, I decided to make a sequencer using the Battery3 library of samples. Below, you can download the audio patch along with the samples.

PureData Sequencer

Intro to Dataflow Programming

One of the new programming languages I will be delving into this semester is PureData. Developed by the creators of Max/MSP/Jitter, PureData is a free, open-source platform designed around boxes and lines.

For my first assignment, I experimented with a simple audio path using the mouse to control the waveform. The X and Y coordinates of the mouse control the wave, and the speed of the mouse in those directions controls the modulation:

PureData Audio patch